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We are proud to be an Authorized Provider of Ontrack Data Recovery Services- the nation's best-known and most respected data recovery company. If you've suffered a serious hard drive failure due to electrical or mechanical damage from power surge, accident, or malicious activity, or if you need forensic recovery services for purposes of litigation, our partner Ontrack Data is your best chance of getting what you need.

If your data is extremely valuable, irreplaceable, and essential to your business, or, like treasured photographs, priceless, we highly recommend the only company we'd trust, Ontrack Data.

It's not exactly cheap, but compared to the alternative of losing all hope of retrieval, you'll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you've turned to the best.


  In Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding areas:

Before packing up your drive and sending it off for repair, check with us at to see if we can help you get your data back, quickly and economically.

Not all data loss is severe enough to require a repair service like Ontrack.

In fact, if your hard drive still powers up and spins, odds are good that we can help- at a fraction of the price.  Tell me more...

Avoid future problems
Even the smallest business can benefit from our economical
Maintenance Plus Backup services...



If you'd prefer to speak to someone regarding your data recovery options, please

call 1-800-872-2599 and provide the following reference number: 2690788. (Conrad Tillman Consulting)

RDR® - Remote Data Recovery™ Service
Using patented technology, Ontrack engineers perform lab quality data recovery service right on your server, desktop, or laptop through a modem or Internet connection. Additionally, the connection is secured by using a proprietary communication protocol, encrypted packets, and safe facilities.
In-Lab Data Recovery Service
Ship the damaged drive or storage device to an Ontrack lab and let our experienced engineers determine what is necessary to recover the data. We return the data on the storage media of choice and most standard data recovery jobs are completed in 3-5 days on average for the fastest turnaround time in the industry.


Ontrack Data Recovery offers five different service levels
with varying pricing options to accommodate every budget and situation:
  • Emergency (24x7 — Weekends & Weekdays)
    An Ontrack Data Recovery Engineer will work 24x7 for a quick and complete data recovery solution.
  • Weekend (8am to 5pm Central Time — Weekends) If the job is not completed during normal business hours, our expert engineers will continue to work 8am-5pm Central Time on Saturday and Sunday to ensure a timely
  • Priority (8am to 5pm Central Time — Weekdays) Ontrack engineers work on the data recovery job during normal business hours until the recovery process is complete. This moves the job ahead of standard jobs during every step of the recovery process and typically cuts
    recovery time in half.
  • Standard (8am to 5pm Central Time — Weekdays) A team of engineers works on the data recovery job during normal business hours. This service typically takes three to five days.
  • On-site (24x7 — Weekends & Weekdays)
    Our highly trained engineers travel anywhere to perform data recovery services on-site.




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