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The ultimate How-to:
A (very) Basic program to accomplish anything at all by using a personal computer.

Ask Dr. Tech

Does a friend or acquaintance ever call you with something like “Hey! Got a minute? I wanted to know if you could tell me real quick how to use FrontPage…Yeah, I got the CD, and I want to get this web site up today, so if you could tell me how to install it and…”

Or Word, or Corel Draw, or (our all-time favorite) “Windows”.  We try to keep a sense of humor, but, as the following is sure to demonstrate, not everybody gets it.

Whether you receive requests like this or make them, here’s the all-purpose answer- guaranteed to help in eight lines of simple, easy to follow instruction:

10. Decide what you want to do.

20. Determine what’s required and set it up.

30. Attempt to do what you want to do.

40. If Result is greater than or equal to Intention, go to Line 80.

50. Patience equals Patience minus one.

60. If Patience is less than or equal to zero, go to Line 10.

70. Consult manuals and help files. Go to Line 20.

80. Done. Go to Line 10.

Whatever you're doing with your system, whether adding hardware or learning the ins and outs of software packages, it's nice to have someone who knows the way to guide you.

What you want is real (yet affordable) technical support...

It's the technical support you imagined in the first place..only better: 24 hours a day - 7 days a week - 365 days a year!

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