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Things to take care of now
Before the damage is done...

Software systems are fragile, like a house of cards. They're easily blown away by even the slightest unexpected breeze.

An unpleasant fact about your computer system...

No one likes to dwell on it (least of all computer vendors) but your system relies most heavily upon its single most fragile component- a
precise, dynamically structured relationship among trillions of magnetically charged, microscopic particles affixed to a stack of rapidly rotating platters within a device called a hard drive.

The hard drive itself (and every other physical component) is replaceable. These days, a capacious new drive is downright cheap.  

The work encoded within that logical structure your present hard drive holds, however, cannot be so easily replaced.  If that structure fails, your software, system configuration, and- most importantly- your data will be inaccessible.  You will have either to recreate it all from source materials or restore it from a valid backup.

Your hard drive is going to fail...

It might remain reliable for years, but it just as easily could slip away as you read these very words.  Any system which remains in use eventually will fail.  If your backups are inadequate (and many popular backup strategies are), that could cause real trouble.

Will you be able to restore the information it contains?

In the course of our computer service (located in Jacksonville, Florida), we've seen the chaos that follows inadequate preparation for a total system failure.

In one case, a simple power failure almost ruined a multi-million dollar lawsuit.  An attorney's networked system had been set up in such a way that the backups were not only inadequate, but actually inaccessible.  Recovery costs were in the thousands, and work on the suit set back by weeks.

Who was responsible?  Ultimately, the attorney had to take the blame for failure to ensure that adequate safeguards were in place.

It's up to you to know what's required...

Although your time is certainly at a premium, we strongly recommend that you become familiar with the essential elements that ensure adequate reliability, at least enough to evaluate your current or proposed procedures. Although by no means exhaustive, the following links provide an introduction to the basics of taking care of your computers.

Hard drive failure is among the worst of all digital disasters, and much more common than you may think.  Set up to deal with data disaster...

Power failures at the wrong time can wreck your computer's software and data.  Uninterruptible power supplies...

You may use a backup program, but How useful are your backups?

Just like an automobile, computers need Basic system maintenance...


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