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Is what you see what's really there?
Adjusting contrast, brightness, red, green, blue...\

It's no meaningless question to ask...

With regard to your computer's display, how can you be sure that what you see is what is really there?  Not in a philosophical sense, of course, and definitely not literally.  Perceptually.

This page, for example, is subject to a wide range of digital interpretations.  Among the choices at right, which does it "really" look like?

It's a well-known problem on the Internet, where colors are so iffy that most large commercial sites pretty much stick to a limited palette of primary ones.

Differences in human perception aside, no two computer systems, even if identically equipped, will display this page in exactly the same way.  We've actually seen the degrees of variation shown above.  It's certain there are more.
Whether they've never been adjusted, you've fiddled with them endlessly, or you've reset the defaults, the displays on most computer systems are likely to be improperly adjusted for rendering an accurate color display.

Display accuracy increasingly important...

Until recently, it hasn't really mattered.  With the growing popularity of online shopping, the question's more important.  You'd probably like to be reasonably certain what color something is before you'd want to buy it.  Even more important, accurate adjustment goes a long way toward reducing eye strain.  Most of all, an accurate adjustment will improve the way things look on your computer screen.
In most cases, a few simple tweaks will improve the accuracy of your display, in some cases vastly so.  The trick is to adjust the settings so they relate as they're supposed to.  Without the proper tools, you're left with purely subjective and therefore somewhat arbitrary settings.
We've discovered a web site that provides a free display calibration tool, the missing step in setting up your system.  A brief download, a few easy online steps, and you just might have a whole new way of seeing things.

calibrate your display settings here...


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