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After using an inkjet for a while, it becomes apparent that "Desktop Publishing" is not the same as having a private printing press.  Compare the costs of ink consumption to printing by a professional service, and you'll find that it seldom makes sense to to do it yourself with bulk printing on your inkjet.

A professional printer has other services as well, like cutting business cards, collating copies, folding flyers or brochures, and so on.

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Should you or shouldn't you ...

Today's inkjet printers combine astonishingly low prices with high quality output.  It's a great combination, and they're understandably extremely popular.  The first time you run out of ink though, you learn the ugly truth.  You can sometimes buy a newer, better printer for less than it costs to replace the ink in your current one.

Replace, refill, remanufacture...

Therein lies the explanation for the low initial price tag.  The money's in the refills.  And that's where things get complicated.

An industry has grown up around consumers' appetite for desktop printing, with an ongoing battle between original equipment manufacturers and third-party alternates.  The marketplace is loaded with do-it-yourself refill kits, compatible cartridges, "remanufactured" cartridges, and those from the printer manufacturers themselves.

Replacements from the printer manufacturer (OEM)...

Compatible replacements...

Refill kits, if you really want to save...

Remanufacturing, the reasonable alternative...

For all your inkjet printer needs

Depending on your make and model, you may or may not have options when your printer's out of ink.  We use and recommend Hewlett Packard printers, but HP is one of the brands with patented technologies prohibiting the manufacture of compatible, lower priced cartridges.

Other manufacturers are following suit with some of their newer models, so before you jump on that "newer better" printer you may want to pause to consider total costs of ownership.  How much are replacement cartridges?  Can they be refilled, remanufactured, or are compatibles available?  Will the manufacturer's cartridges be readily available when you need them?

Replacements from the printer manufacturer (OEM)...

Even if you stick with your printer manufacturer, it is sometimes difficult to find the replacement cartridges your specific printer requires. 

More than once we've made a "quick trip" to Office Depot or someplace like it. Finally spotting our model number among the several dozen cartridges offered,  we take that little purchase card to checkout, and find they're out of stock.  Sure, they'll call across town, or offer to order it, but it's a hassle either way, and we don't have our cartridge.

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Compatible replacements...

Any manufacturer's design can be duplicated.  Where the original design is not sufficiently unique to enforce a patent, duplicators make and sell compatible cartridges.  That's competitive capitalism at work, keeping prices low.  Of course, some manufacturers of compatibles are better than others.

If you use compatibles, you want the best-quality ones, manufactured within acceptable tolerances of OEM specifications.

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Refill kits, if you really want to save...

It's a highly controversial practice, and many experts warn against it, citing possible damage to your printer and a voided warranty as possible results.  We don't know about that, but it's certain that a mistake in the refill process could produce some very unwanted effects.

Our HP's have suffered no problems, however, and we've been feeding them with refills for years.  Our complaints have been the messiness involved and the time it takes to do it right.  On top of that, you need to understand that even if you do everything exactly right, the refilled cartridge might not work.

They can not be refilled over and over, indefinitely.  They wear out.  Here's the kicker- there is no way to know how many times a particular cartridge can be refilled and continue working.  One might make it through three or more refills, and another of the same model might not go beyond the first use.

You have to really  like saving money to go this route.  It's messy, time consuming, and exasperating.  Nonetheless, we've done it many times successfully, and some people actually enjoy this kind of thing.  You might want to at least give it a try.  Just follow the directions that accompany your kit, and make absolutely certain you've sealed the cartridge properly before you put it in your printer.

As with OEM compatibles, you want your refill kit to provide materials that match the quality you want from your printer.  Inferior inks will not produce high quality results.  Inadequate seals could be disastrous.

If you're looking for high-quality ink refill kits, check out one of the most comprehensive sources of
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Remanufacturing, the reasonable alternative...

With the sheer numbers of inkjet printers now in use and attendant demand for lower printing costs, there is now a company that will "process" your OEM ink cartridge like some others process film.

Essentially, you mail in your empty OEM ink cartridge, they test it, clean it, refill it, test it, and send it back to you. 

True to form, we discovered this about three weeks after throwing out that box full of cartridges we'd intended to refill ourselves.  To be honest, when we first heard of it, we pictured some kids in the basement- Wayne and Garth inhaling sharply, getting into refills.

We investigated, though, and
what we found surprised us... 


For all your inkjet (and laser) printer needs

  • The convenience of a reliable online source for OEM ink cartridges

  • High quality compatibles

  • High quality refill kits

  • Remanufacturing of your OEM ink cartridge 

We looked at a lot of online vendors before selecting one to use and recommend.  We even purchased from some.  This site is by far the most logical and informative we've seen.  The selection is comprehensive, with products for Hewlett-Packard, Epson, Canon, Lexmark, Xerox, Apple, Compaq, Brother, and others.

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