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High capacity SmartMedia cards may work fine with your equipment, but you could run into difficulties transferring their contents to your PC.

That's what we ran into.  Our Olympus D400 is still a pretty good camera, even though it's been around a while.  When we recently got a good price on 32 MB SmartMedia, we retired our original 8 MB card.

And put out to pasture the floppy disk adaptor that came with the camera.  It was unable to read the 32MB card.

We were fed up with that kludge device at any rate, and eager for a good excuse to use a better way.

The SanDisk is aptly named.  For all practical purposes, it's a new kind of disk drive except- gee whiz, no disk, no drive.

The SanDisk USB SmartMedia Reader/Writer is our choice for convenience and ease of use.


SanDisk ImageMate USB SmartMedia Reader/Writer
Also available for CompactFlash, MultimediaCard, Parallel Port versions.

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SanDisk ImageMate USB SmartMedia Reader/Writer
"Digital Film" not just for cameras, MP3s

If you're looking for an easy, inexpensive way to transfer any type of data to and from SmartMedia, CompactFlash, or MultiMediaCard memory modules, the SanDisk ImageMate  could be right for you

If you have a portable digital camera or MP3 player,  you're familiar with these wafer thin, credit-card sized data storage modules.  They enable you to transport and access large amounts of data in a very small space.  A 32 MB module holds as much information as about 20 standard floppy disks.

If your portable device lacks a direct USB connection to your PC, you're stuck with slow, unreliable, and cumbersome serial transfers or battery powered floppy disk adaptors.

Convenient to use, a snap to install...

The SanDisk ImageMate solves the problem neatly, conveniently, and inexpensively. Installation is as easy as it gets: run the installation disk, and plug the hardware in.

As far as your USB enabled computer can tell, you just added a removable disk drive to your system.  The SanDisk shows up in your file manager as a new drive letter.  Insert your SmartMedia card, and the SanDisk is ready to use.

This product is aptly named.  In every respect, it behaves like a removable disk drive, and does all the things that removable disk drives do.   And as this is written, SmartMedia is readily available at 128MB.  That's more than a standard Zip Disk, with less mass than a credit card.  Seriously, we remember seeing something like this in the Star Trek: Next Generation series.

Functional Appearance...

Thankfully, SanDisk avoided that '70's Panasonic shape of the future look that seems suddenly too popular.  It's about the size, shape, and general appearance of a slightly overfed desktop mouse, and weighs much less than our Logitech wireless.  Like a mouse cord, a USB cable extends from the end of the unit.

Plug it in and move it around as you like.  Because it's USB, you won't have to turn off your computer or reboot it.  The SanDisk is powered through the USB, so there's no separate power supply.  For this reason, though, you have to connect it directly to your computer, or through a powered USB hub.

Highly recommended...

f you're looking for a quick and easy way to use SmartMedia with your USB enabled computer, whether to transfer digital photographs from your camera, manage your MP3 collection, or transfer large data files from one computer to another, the SanDisk will do the job with the least amount of bother.

For PC's and Mac's. Also available for CompactFlash, MultimediaCard, and in parallel port versions.  Visit SanDisk web site...

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