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Start out slow and easy...

The best way to get started is with the easy upgrades.  Installing a CD can be a simple swap of one box for another, involving a few screws and a couple of cables.  Hard drives are slightly more complicated, but the software that accompanies a new drive makes the installation relatively trouble free.

Adding RAM is also a simple task, provided you don't have to disassemble the whole machine to access the mounting slots.

Modems and sound cards, once a nightmare to configure, are extremely simple since the advent of PCI slots and the "Plug and Play" standard.

If your existing motherboard will accommodate one of adequate speed, you can even upgrade the processor.  This is often tricky though, as any motherboard is limited in what processor models it can accept.  The fact that a new CPU may fit the mounting socket does not mean that it will work.

Chips and cards, unlike storage devices, are mounted directly on the motherboard and so require a lot more caution.  These things require very little, if any, force. 

PCI expansion cards such as sound, video capture devices, and modems are easily installed.

Keyed so they can't be inserted wrong, just line up the edge with the slot and press it in.

They're a snug fit, but be careful not to use excessive force!

If they do not insert easily, they're probably not lined up right.  As always, read the instructions before beginning.

Our favorite source for upgrade components has an excellent selection of parts, processors, RAM, components, bare bones kits, motherboards and bundles, and whatever else you may need- all at some of the very best prices we have seen.  We suggest you check the bargains online now at the link below:


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