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Logitech's wireless desktop Update: Cordless Freedom...

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Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard

Having been involved with personal computers since 1985, we've bought a lot of gadgets.  Most were disappointing, one way or another.  Despite their claims to enhance convenience or efficiency, very few have proven truly useful.  Among this select group, none rank higher than the wireless mouse and keyboard combo from Logitech.

With the lightweight, unencumbered keyboard, you no longer need extension cables or a slide-out drawer.   Need some desktop surface space?   Simply set the keyboard aside, put it on a shelf, or whatever seems appropriate.  Change your working position often as you like: this thing even works from across the room. New from Logitech:

Cordless Mouseman Optical wheel mouse-

Optical precision and reliability with RF wireless convenience.

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Ditto for the mouse. No longer tethered to the machinery, the wireless mouse can be used from whatever position happens to be most comfortable at the moment. The combination is particularly effective in an L-shaped workstation, where the mouse can occupy a sensible position within easiest reach of your mousing hand- wherever that happens to be.

Flexible and useful

The sense of freedom you gain by losing just two cables is surprising. 
Usable desktop space (always at a premium) is multiplied, and your own range of movement expands.
The Logitech system is non-directional.  It works on radio frequencies, so you don't have to point the device at a sensor in order to use it. This is generally a feature, unless you have more than two units in close proximity. With only two channels available, interference could become an issue. In that case, you would have to go to an infrared system such as used by Acer and others. These work only on "line-of-sight" so interference is not a problem. For the same reason (they must point directly at a sensor), infrared systems lack the flexibility of Logitech's radio frequencies.
Logitech included an automatic "sleep mode" to preserve battery power while the units aren't in active use.  The keyboard takes two AA batteries, and the mouse needs two AAAs. Battery life is long enough that we tend to forget about them, and battery death, when it comes, is sudden.  You'll want to keep a supply on hand. 

Highly recommended

Overall, the Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard are well thought-out, high quality accessories. The mouse software has a variety of behavioral options for its center wheel (some models had a third button on the side), and the mouse itself is well made and responsive. The keyboard has a solid feel to its construction and positive key action. For most OEM systems, these would be worthwhile upgrades even without the wireless features.
Installation is a matter of connecting the cables for the radio receiver and running the software, a do-it-yourself project for even the most technically insecure. Having wasted money on a variety of accessories, this is one we can heartily recommend for anyone who spends much time at the computer.


Cordless Freedom Series

The Logitech Wireless Desktop series has been expanded with several new options, leaving a degree of product overlap & some confusion.  Here is a quick rundown on the new series, which supercedes the review above:

Cordless Freedom: This is the direct replacement for the "Wireless Desktop" reviewed above.  It sells for slightly less than its predecessor, and the difference appears to be primarily in the mouse.  The new one is much a plainer oval shape, and does not appear to equal the quality of the one it replaces. 

Cordless Freedom Navigator: Adds multimedia controls to the traditional layout keyboard, mostly clustered in the upper right-hand corner.   The mouse is a modified S shape, still designed primarily for right-hand use, but left-handers should find it not too cumbersome.  If we were buying one today, this would be our choice.

Cordless Freedom Pro: Essentially the same as "Cordless Freedom Navigator" but with a different keyboard.  If you are a fan of the contoured "split" keyboard layout, this is the one for you.

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Logitech Cordless Freedom Navigator...

Logitech Cordless Freedom...


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