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Logitech Cordless Mouseman Optical
800 DPI in a wireless, ball-free, premium optical mouse!

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Cordless convenience, and optical precision...

If you use your mouse in precision applications like graphics or other design software, you'll appreciate this offering from Logitech.
Optical mice have been around for a while, of course.  They're known for having no mechanical parts to get clogged with stray dust and debris.  Wireless mice are even older news- we've been using them for years.
In fact, we've been so attached to wireless that we've resisted optical's allure- until now.  The new Logitech Cordless Mouseman Optical wheel mouse, combining both technologies and backed by the formidable reputation of Logitech, was too much to ignore.

Conspicuous by its absence...

If you've never used a high quality optical mouse, be prepared for revelation.  That little rubber roller that protrudes from the bellies of all "normal" mice creates a noticeable amount of drag.
You'd never notice it, until it disappears.  This is by far the smoothest mouse we've ever used.  With a resolution of 800 dots per inch, positioning a cursor with precision has never been so easy.
The great thing about it is- it's going to stay that way.  The problem we have with even the best mice is their tendency to collect debris, requiring frequent cleaning.  The better the mouse, the more noticeable the effect of dust in the rollers and gears- even the tiniest speck can throw them off.  With no ball, no rollers, no shafts, bearings, or gears, the optical mouse requires none of the normal maintenance demanded by roller mice.
We've rhapsodized about the advantages of wireless elsewhere, but it bears repeating- you don't know what a drag that mouse cord is until you do without it.  No roller, no cord, no jams.

A pleasure to use...

Remember when you couldn't imagine why anyone would pay more than $10 for a mouse?  Remember the surprised discovery that a $50 mouse was well worth the price?  The Logitech Cordless Optical mouse is the same discovery again.   
Even though it's pricey, with a list price near $70, we consider it money well spent for anyone who often feels plagued by a balky, finicky, conventional roller mouse.

Nifty software...

As usual, Logitech's software is top notch.  With Windows systems, you can usually skip the driver installation, but this software's worth installing.  It enables you to configure the four buttons (two standard, one on the side, and the wheel doubles as a button) with a wide choice of actions.
There's a new option with the current crop of Logitech's high-end mice called Web Wheel.  It places the most often accessed browser controls right at your fingertips, and even allows customization of the options.

Flexible installation...

The Cordless Mouseman Optical is a USB device, but comes bundled with a standard PS-2 adaptor for older systems or those with no free ports.  It does not require USB to operate.
Like the company's other wireless products, the Mouseman cordless optical is a radio device.  A receiver plugs into your computer, and can be placed almost anywhere within six feet of the mouse.  Unlike infrared devices, "line-of-sight" is not required.

The unit requires two AA batteries (included).  There's a built-in automatic "sleep mode" to extend battery life, and you can use rechargeables.
Logitech estimates a battery life of three months with standard alkalines, about one month with rechargeables.  The software's default configuration will warn you when power's getting low. 
Since so many common devices use the AA size, it's practical to keep a supply on hand.

Not certain whether your system's ready for USB devices?

Download and run the usb evaluation utility, available at

This free program from INTEL will verify your system.  If anything is missing, the software will make solid recommendations for how to achieve compliance.

Go for it...

If your work requires a smooth, reliable, high quality mouse, this one fills the bill.  We're very pleased with ours.

Logitech produces a wide range of input devices, including mice, trackballs, and keyboards.  Most are available at the link below, at some of the lowest prices we have seen.  Just enter " Logitech " or the product name into their search box.

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