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 Cool web effects made simple...

Add a little life to your web pages

With most people now connecting via 56K modems and the growing popularity of broadband, it's feasible to incorporate some really cool and functional effects within your pages.

Once the mark of a beginner, animations and interactive menu systems are increasingly popular even on serious sites.

Interactive pages get more action...

Static pages, even well designed ones, lack the extra "oomph" that can spell the difference between success and failure.  Used judiciously, interactive features can add value to your site, make it more engaging and effective, and make it appear more expensive and impressive.

The trick to using the kinds of effects made possible by Flash and JAVA is to integrate them into your page design.  Roll-over buttons, scrolling marquees, interactive menus, and animated presentations all have their uses and abuses.  Thrown in just for the sake of motion, they make your pages take too long to load, get in the way, and are distracting.

When they actually perform a function though, they can make your site easier to navigate, more dramatic, and more interesting.

We especially like what can be done with Flash- anything from simple buttons to an entire online presentation with animated elements that download and display very quickly.

All on a shoestring budget...

Until relatively recently, you had to shell out big bucks on Macromedia's Flash software if you wanted compact yet attention getting animation on your site.  Old fashioned animated GIF's were just too big and boring, DHTML too unreliable, and others required a long download of some obscure plug-in before they'd work.

We were pleased and amazed to discover FireStarter from CoffeeCup Software, a budget priced tool for producing Flash animations quickly and easily.  FireStarter outputs standard swf files that require only the Flash Player browser plugin, an option so popular and widespread that advertisers now use Flash for online ad's.

The program is relatively simple to use, and the output is compatible with both major browsers.  Although not as capable as the full Flash program, it's a tiny fraction of the price and very adequate for most common needs.  It's distributed as "try before you buy" with a free trial download so you can see how it works, which is very well indeed.

We ask only one thing of you.  Please bookmark this page or add it to your favorites, so when you decide to buy you can come back here (so we'll get credit).

Download CoffeeCup Firestarter - Click Here

JAVA Applets Jazz Your Sites

CoffeeCup has a full line of specialized JAVA applet makers, including ones for buttons, navigation systems, scrolling headlines, general effects, and more.  When purchasing FireStarter, we opted for the specially priced bundle that included the most popular ones- the deal was just too good to miss.

You can download trial versions of any or all of these.  We ask only one thing of you.  Please bookmark this page or add it to your favorites, so when you decide to buy you can come back here (so we'll get credit).


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