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A domain is more than just your web address, the way that people find your site. It is, or ought to be, your internet identity.

A good domain name serves to establish a solid connection between your business and your web address.

Ideally, your company and domain would simply share a name. The company name would BE the company address- a very efficient and effective tool for advertising and promotion.

Put some thought into it...

Unless you're starting a new company, your existing name may overly difficult to type or remember. In either case, you'd have a serious handicap.

You'll need to do some brain-storming to come up with a domain name which is easily remembered, easily typed, and easily associated with you and your product.

This can be hard to do, particularly if you want the more desirable .com extension. Most of the short, one word names are already claimed, and you may spend hours dreaming up acceptable variations- only to find that they too have been taken.

Long domain names, alternate extensions?

Long domain names (up to 67 characters) may be ideal for secondary purposes, like search engine placement and response, or even as a speculative investment.  For a primary name, we strongly recommend you stay with the standard 23 character limit.

Likewise, we suggest you avoid alternative extensions like ".cc" or ".fm" unless they'd really work to your advantage.  For now and a long time to come, it's pretty much become common knowledge: a ".com" site means business.  The ".net" extension is a distant second, and the rest of little value.

Prime names for your domain...

A rose may be a rose no matter what you call it, but words reverberate with secondary, tertiary, even subconscious meanings and associations.  You will want to harness these powerful connotations to provide your name with impact.

Fortunately, our preferred domain registration service makes this sometimes vexing task easy, simple, and fun.  It actually helps you create a suitable domain name- one that will be effective for your site and remains available.

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