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Web Site Design- want to do it all yourself?

No problem, all it really takes is time.  And patience.

Today's software makes it easy to create and maintain a relatively simple web site. 

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What do you expect from your website?

Give your site a job to do.

Make your website fill an identifiable need, not only within the structure of your business, but for the people who come to it as visitors. In planning your site, try to see it through the eyes of your visitors- what will they find, when they find your site? Is it informative? Is it useful? Does it make it easier for them to do business with you? Most importantly, are they finding substance, or just empty advertising gimmicks? If it is the latter, it is time to rethink your site.

Know what you want- want what you know

Think of your proposed website, not as an advertising tool, but as an employee who picks up where your advertising leaves off. Expect from your site what you would expect from a salesman, customer service rep, or receptionist. A site that performs some or all of these functions is a site that will be more likely to provide measurable results in your business.
Your site must give its visitors substance- real information about your business beyond location, phone number, or pictures of you and your friendly staff. It must answer at least some of the most common questions about your business and your product, and serve to make your prospects more comfortable about doing business with you. Only you can provide that information.

Your site's success is up to you

You can expect your website to present your information in an attractive, organized, and professional format, and that is your web designer's job. The relevance, usefulness, and effectiveness of the information is entirely up to you.

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