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A registered domain name: don't go online without it.

If you've even daydreamed about a web site of your own, you've probably thought about domain names- the part of a web address that comes between www. and .com.  And you've probably come up with some really catchy names, even truly great ones.

If you're like most people though, a quick search of existing names reveals that even names you thought were wildly original or esoterically obscure have already been registered- by someone else.

Even worse, you may have begun to build an online presence as a sub domain- essentially a directory within a registered domain.

Why you need a name that ends in .com

Recognition. Authority. Credibility. Access. Plain and simple, if your website doesn't have these attributes, it won't be taken seriously. We find it incredible that businesses are posting pages at "free" hosting services with impossible addresses like isp.com/members/hereweare.htm and thinking they've accomplished anything other than looking foolish.

There's an old proverb that says, "the shoemaker's children go barefoot." That's our only defense for failing to register our own name. That's right. We have been online since 1998, using the name "Beeline Express" for this site and operating as a subsite of our parent, Thirdstar.net.

Embarrassingly enough, we finally got around to registering it last week. Imagine our chagrin to find that, a mere two weeks before, someone else had claimed it. There's no telling what kind of site beelineexpress.com will turn out to be. One thing is for sure though: it won't be this one.

Dot Com names are valuable.

The ".com" extension is the best known, consumer friendly version of all the possible extensions out there.  Many people now believe that "dotcom" is the suffix for ALL "real" web sites.  They're accustomed to it.  Short, catchy, easily remembered names that end in .com have become the online version of commercial real estate. There is today a growing aftermarket in domain name sales, and really catchy ones are sometimes fetching millions of dollars for their registered owners.

Spurred by the media attention such stories generate, speculators are gobbling up remaining .com names at a staggering pace. Although we don't recommend that you join this stampede, we strongly recommend that you find and register a suitable name for your web site today.

Register your name now.

If you've come up with a name that works, and no one's beat you to it, make sure that no one does. Register your name right away.

With deregulation in the domain registration industry, you no longer have to pay $70 just to register your name. Competition has created lower prices and more options for domain name registration.

With a viable name for your site secured, you'll be ready to set your online plans in motion.

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