Website Definition Tool...

This very simple tool helps to create a basic definition for your web site.  Your thoughtful answers to the following questions will be invaluable in producing a site that meets your specific needs and reflects your specific concerns.

Site Name...
Every site has a name.  If you have not yet settled on a name for yours, enter your organization's name instead.

What will be the name of your web site?


Your Organization...
Suppose that a local newspaper reporter is going to compose and publish a brief (one or two sentences) description of your organization.  What would you like it to say?


Purpose of your site...
Any web site has a primary job to do, its main reason for existence.  Most have secondary jobs as well, and sometimes the jobs can overlap.  Some of the jobs a typical site may perform are:

  • public relations,
  • promotion of products and services,
  • catalog sales,
  • customer service,
  • news and information services,
  • internal communications,
  • or define your own job descriptions.

What will be the primary job of your site?
What secondary services will it provide?



Your Contents...
Your web site will consist of your materials, specially processed and packaged for delivery over the internet.  Contents include written materials, photographs, artwork, sound files, downloadable files- practically anything that can be digitized.

What materials will your visitors find on your site?


Your Visitors...
Every web site has a target demographic, or general description of the people it is primarily intended to serve.  While most sites may be intended for the general public, some are targeted to a very specific group.

Who is your site intended to serve, and are there any specific assumptions you can make about your target audience?



When all is said and done...
Okay.  Suppose that your web site is done, and the imaginary reporter from the first question is back.  This time he has written a brief description of your site.  What would you realistically expect it to say?


How to use the website definition tool...

Simply fill in the information requested by the form above, and when you are done, click the  Generate Site Definition  button.  Don't worry, no one else will see what you have typed.

Instead, you will get a  Confirmation Page  containing all your entries, slightly rearranged to put things in an alternate perspective.  You may print this page if you wish, but it will be more useful if you copy and paste its contents into your favorite word processor.  There, you can revise and polish your  Site Definition  until it adequately describes the site you want.

Once you have a good  Working Definition , you can get started on the actual production of your site.




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