The following links connect to some of the best software bargains on the web.  These are not "trial" or "demonstration" versions you'll eventually have to pay for, but fully functional, full-featured programs you can download and use as long as you like- completely free of charge.

From small, specialty applets to a full-featured office suite, this is high-quality, productive software- software that performs a useful function and makes your work easier.  Free to download, use, and keep.  Check back often for new listings- at  THIRDSTAR.NET/FREEWARE

applets add convenience and utility

Get a better notepad, synchronize with an atomic clock, view fonts, convert graphics file formats, and more.  Each link below will open a new browser window direct to the vendor's website.

YAK!- easy messaging for peer to peer networks
If you've missed the old WinPopUp messaging utility for peer to peer networks (didn't work with 2K and XP), here's a much improved replacement.  Similar in concept to Internet chat, YAK works on your intranet, and accommodates private or broadcast messages.  It even allows file attachments, works fine in XP and 2K as well as 98/ME, and best of all is free.

Get YAK...

Call Center- FAX, voice mail, and more
Surprisingly hard to find, here's a free FAX/Voicemail application for all Windows versions.  All the standard FAX, answering machine, and phone dialer features in an easy "virtual machine" interface.

Get Call Center..

Editpad- the Windows notepad on steroids
A replacement for the Windows notepad applet, Editpad adds a nifty tabbed multiple document interface, plus many other enhancements.

Get editpad...

Dimension 4- Right time, all the time
You may have noticed that your computer's clock isn't really all that accurate.  Now you can automatically synchronize your computer's time of day (TOD) with your choice of official global timekeepers.

Get dimension 4...

Font Lister- Quick, which fonts do you want?
If you've installed almost any word processor or graphics program, you probably have more fonts than you have time to look at.  This free program makes it quick and easy.

Get font lister...

View, convert, manipulate most graphics formats
Much more than just a graphics viewer,  IrfanView  supports most graphics file formats and can convert them to the more common ones.  It provides a long list of optional procedures you can perform- if you deal with picture files of any type, this program is a must.

Get irfanview...

Useful utilities

Get the functional equivalent of commercial packaged software with these offerings from major vendors.

Anti-virus software
AVG Anti-virus is a commercial product in Europe, free in the US and UK, with free updates 'for the life of the product'.  Slick, polished program well worth looking into.

Get your anti-virus software from AVG Anti-virus...

Personal Firewall
In addition to antivirus software, we recommend a firewall for any system that spends time connected to the Internet. Zone Labs offers their basic firewall software free for personal use.

Get your firewall software from Zone Labs...

File Compression/Archiving- Zip, Unzip, and beyond
ZipCentral: 32-bit, free, robust and easy to use zip file manager with a lot of features. Let's you create new, open existing, extract from and add to zipfiles. Supports creation of self-extracting archives, drag and drop, disk spanning, quick view, shell execution, long filenames, multiple compression levels, archive comments, repairing damaged archives, context menu operations from Windows Explorer and more. User interface similar to other popular shareware archive managers. Let's you get to work in no time.

Get ZipCentral now...

FTP Client Software
Whether you're uploading web pages or downloading the hottest software and MP3s, Smart FTP  includes a host of features, ease of use, and flexibility.  And, it works with XP.  We don't switch programs lightly, but this is now our choice for FTP on all our systems.

Get Smart FTP now...

PowerDesk- Windows file manager that works the way Explorer ought to...
If you miss programs like Xtree or Norton Navigator, PowerDesk will ease the pain of using the "dumbed-down" Explorer to deal with files and folders. If you'd like to deal with files a lot more effectively, just get this and use it.  PowerDesk works the way Explorer ought to...

Get PowerDesk now...

Fresh Devices Utilities
Pick up a free Download Manager, Hardware Reporting tool, or an XP compatible User Interface control... all completely free, though registration is required.

Fresh Devices Software...


Get the functional equivalent of commercial packaged software with these offerings from major vendors.

Simply Accounting
Here's a leading business accounting package, neither exactly free nor downloadable (you have to order a CD for $3.95), but certainly worth a look.  For our international visitors, this is available in versions for nine different countries!

Simply Accounting Free...

Full-featured office suite
If you need the increased functionality of high-grade office suite software without the high-grade price, 602 Software has the answer.   Compatible with Word & Excel files, integration with Outlook Express and digital camera/scanner support is included.  This is easily among the best "give away" offers we have seen- Check it out!

Get 602 Pro PC Suite...

Fuller-featured office suite
EasyOffice offers compatibility with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and more.  This one includes a spell-checker and many other features, all designed to be very easy to operate, even for beginning users.  It's a large download, so be aware that the programs make extensive use of large, colorful buttons.  Not our taste, but you can't beat the price...

Get EasyOffice...

Top-quality Graphics Editor
PhotoPlus 5.0 from Serif Software compares favorably to offerings from Corel, Adobe, Microsoft, and others. 

Get PhotoPlus 5.0 from Serif...





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