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When things go wrong there's always help available. The trick is finding it. Here's our handy guide to online service and support, the sites we find useful, and think that you will too...

Still dialing in to the Internet?  Take a closer look at Broadband...   Go >


Sooner or later (probably sooner), you'll have to wander into the labyrinthine halls of Microsoft's online support system.

Recently revamped, it's now much easier to find your way around and get what you're looking for.

Microsoft Online Support...Go >


Odds are good you have an Intel chipset somewhere in your system.  Here's where to find the things you may need to know.

Intel Online Support...Go >




There are lots of motherboards out there running chipsets, graphics, and even processors from this manufacturer.

Via Online Support... Go >




If you got your computer at a major retailer, it's likely to be one of these.

Compaq / HP Support...  Go >


Electronics...Go >


WordPerfect, Corel Draw, and other popular programs explained in Corel's knowledge base...

Corel Online Support...Go >

Lotus SmartSuite is a popular alternative to MS Office.  Here's where to go when the help files aren't sufficient...Go >

Makers of some of the best disk utility software around, PowerQuest provides online support here... Go >

Best known for utility and antivirus software, Symantec provides extensive online help, including up-to-date info on viruses and hoaxes...  Go >

Linksys... Go >

D-Link... Go >

Technical Support
You can spend a lot of time searching knowledge bases, and still not find an answer.  Wouldn't it be nice just to ask someone who knows?  Now you can, and at a rate that makes a lot of sense, even for home users.

Operating both online and through toll-free voice lines, this service is available right now, and help is just minutes away...  It's the technical support you imagined in the first place..only better: 24 hours a day - 7 days a week - 365 days a year!

The computer section at   AMAZON BOOKS

Ten Rules for Rebates

Your price after rebate, and the ten things we recommend... Go >


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