Data Recovery: help for lost data due to logical system failures…

If you've lost access to your data due to some common types of non-mechanical* computer failure, there's a good chance we can help.

Our methods and equipment are effective in retrieving data from corrupted file systems, malfunctioning computers, virus/worm activity, and other situations where the hard drive itself is physically operable.   Tell me more...

Recovering lost data an iffy proposition...

If your system has been struck by lightning, subjected to a power surge, victimized by fire, flood, impact, or otherwise physically damaged, you'll probably need to contact a facility like Ontrack Data, and be prepared to spend a lot of money.  More about Ontrack...

Other types of data loss aren't so extreme, and with these there's a good chance we can help.

Lost data due to power failure, file system errors, corrupted operating system files, software or user error, viruses or Trojans, and many other causes can sometimes be recovered- quickly and economically.   More...



DOS and Windows based computers only.
All service subject to availability.
Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding areas.

*A hard drive that will not spin up or register with your computer BIOS will
need the service of a repair facility like

Data Recovery Services

The most common causes of data loss are power failures, hardware or software malfunction, virus/trojan/worm activity, and user error. If you’ve lost data due to any of these causes, there’s a very good chance we can get it back for you. 

We have successfully recovered lost files for clients ranging from individuals to attorney and bail bond offices to an agency of the City of Jacksonville.

  • DOS and Windows systems
  • Desktop or notebook computers
  • On site service
  • Non-destructive methods
  • Affordable rates
  • No recovery, no charge*
  • Windows won't boot
  • Missing files or folders
  • Operating system not found
  • Lost partitions
  • Accidental format or deletion

*There will be a nominal service fee of fifty cents per mile from our location in southwest Duval County.  Please see FAQ for details.

We cannot recover data from physically damaged hard drives (lightning strikes, power surges, fire, flood, impact, or just plain worn out).

Data recovery service available in northeast Florida
Including Jacksonville and surrounding areas: St. Augustine, Fernandina, Orange Park, Middleburg, Jacksonville Beaches, and Baldwin.

For a no-cost assessment, click here.

Data Recovery: Frequently asked questions


My data is gone. What should I do?

When your data disappears, the most important thing is not what you do, but what you don’t do. Data recovery requires special precautions to avoid making things worse. Without these precautions, almost anything you try will decrease the chance of a successful recovery. If your data is important, we suggest you turn your computer off and get help as soon as possible.


How should I choose a recovery service?

If the information on your drive is critical, irreplaceable, or otherwise of high value to you, you should plan to spend a commensurate amount with a fully equipped hard drive repair facility.

For our typical client, recovering lost data is a matter of convenience.  Our on-site service and relatively low price make it practical to try recovering data that you'd otherwise recreate or do without.


What kinds of systems can you work with?

We work with personal computers (desktop or laptops) running any form of DOS or Windows. We do not work with Macintosh or Linux systems.


What kinds of problems can you solve?

We can often recover files from system malfunction, accidental deletion, virus/trojan/worm activity, partition table, MBR, or other hard drive errors, even accidental formats. Data recovery is at best a chancy proposition, though, and results will depend on many factors.  Data may be fully, partially, or not at all recoverable, depending on the type of failure, general condition of the equipment, type of data, and the sequence of events following the loss.


Can you recover lost software?

Software recovery is impractical at best. We focus on recovering data files, which, unlike software, cannot be replaced.


My computer is dead. It won’t even start up. Can you help?

Maybe. Computers may fail to start for many reasons. As long as the hard drive itself has not been physically damaged, we may be able to retrieve your data from it.


My computer was struck by lightning. Can you help?

Probably not. Lightning and other power surges usually burn out the drive electronics, rendering its contents beyond the reach of our equipment.


How can I tell whether data can be recovered?

Your computer ordinarily makes a variety of sounds when it’s running. The loudest of these is usually the cooling fans. The hard drive makes a higher pitched whirring sound, and if you can hear this, chances are good for recovery.

Our tools require a working hard drive. In addition to the sound of a spinning hard drive, other clues would be a flashing activity light, or a prompt of any sort from the c drive. Although the absence of these things doesn’t necessarily mean the situation’s hopeless, their presence is a good sign.  Our recovery questionnaire has more extensive information.

A hard drive that shows no sign of life or makes knocking sounds will likely need more extensive help than we can provide.  The data may be recoverable by a facility like OnTrack Data.
More about Ontrack...


How do I know you won’t just make things worse?

Our procedures are non-intrusive, and we take precautions to ensure that our attempts at recovery won’t make matters worse. We’ll normally begin by making an exact copy of your existing drive, and work with the copy- not the drive itself.

This ensures that, should our efforts not be successful, you'll still have the option of taking more extensive measures with the data on your drive exactly as we found it.

It's important to understand, however, that your data is inaccessible because something is already wrong with your system, and it may have begun a process of total failure.  We'll do nothing to your system that we'd not do with our own, but of necessity disclaim all liability for any consequence arising from our attempt to help.


Why do you charge a mileage rate just to examine my system?

Based on your answers to our questionnaire, we'll try to determine our chances for success.  We don't make a trip unless we believe we can help, but we can't really tell until we get there.

The mileage rate we charge is our normal minimum for on site service calls, and offsets our out-of-pocket traveling expense.  If we cannot recover data from your system, there's no charge for our time or labor.


Can’t I just mail you my hard drive?

When we come to you, there’s no question about what we did or didn’t do. We prefer to keep it that way.


Do you offer any guarantee?

It's important to understand that your data is inaccessible because something is already wrong with your system, and it may have begun a process of total failure.  We'll do nothing to your system that we'd not do with our own, but of necessity disclaim all liability for any consequence arising from our attempt to help.

We'll do our best to get your data back, but if there's no recovery, there's no charge for trying.


How long does it take?

Depending on the nature of the problem, we may be able to retrieve your data on the spot. More commonly, we’ll pull a copy of your drive, take that back to our shop, and get results as quickly as we can- sometimes within a day or two, seldom longer than a week.


How much does it cost?

There’s a standard mileage rate of fifty cents per mile from our location in southwest Duval County. If the recovery is successful, we’ll charge an additional $250, which includes the return and review of your data.



How do I get started?

If you've not already done so, please review our FAQ.

Then, for a no-cost assessment, please use our contact form.



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