E-commerce sites: automated sales machines...

Accept online payment for products or services.  Shopping carts, credit cards, product management, and more.  One product or one thousand, no merchant account required. 

We have a plan to suit your needs...

Web sites that work, at prices that make sense...

The best kind of site to have is one that works for you- effectively, and economically. 

We work in a wide range of styles for a wide range of clients, from individuals to institutions, from simple display and information sites to full scale electronic commerce.

All ThirdStar sites include quality design, domain name and email services, full-service hosting, search site submission, and help from start to finish- at prices that make sense for small businesses, professionals, and even individuals.

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NEW! Easy Content Management now available...

Web sites for almost any purpose...

We've created sites for artists, dancers, attorneys, paralegals, automotive sales, wholesale distributors, health care professionals, software developers, and several county school boards.

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E-commerce sites: automated sales machines

If you're ready for electronic commerce, we're ready to help.  Whether you require a single-product site or a full-featured storefront, we have a plan to suit your needs. 

Electronic commerce can be confusing and difficult to get set up, but we'll help clear the way to getting your site up and selling.  You don't even need a merchant account- we'll show you how to accept credit cards, smoothly and convincingly, without one.

Prefer to have your own secure checkout with automated payment gateway?  No problem.  We provide a full range of e-commerce options for almost any type of online sales.

We create electronic commerce sites with the same attention to detail that goes into our display and information sites, providing your online store with a confidence-inspiring, professional appearance, fast loading pages, and smooth operation throughout.

Please see our e-commerce FAQ...



Web sites for almost any purpose

Since our first commercial web site went online in 1997, we've lost count of the sites we've created- thousands of pages in all- for clients as diverse as belly dance troupes and boards of education. 

Our display and information sites are easily adapted to suit any purpose, from customer service to sales presentations, document distribution to data acquisition.  Whatever your goals for your web site, we can make it work for you- effectively, efficiently, and economically.

Please see our website FAQ...



New! Content Management System

With optional Update Now! from Thirdstar.net, you can use your browser to update selected portions of your web site. Add, revise, or replace page content while preserving page and site design. Ultra-easy, cost-effective way to keep your contents up to date. Change content as often as you like and see results instantly.




Comments from users...

"Very, very nice! Your sites always LOOK good (not busy, just totally RIGHT) and they load so darned fast!"

"Colors, text, pictures, ease of "movement" around the site:  A+!"

"Easy to move from one page to the next - easy to find what you are looking for too."

"I find them to be exceptionally quick loading and quick moving."

"These are top of the line sites.  They load fast and in perfect condition."

"Very professional work."

"Beautiful to look at, easy to use."

"I look at a lot of web sites and buy quite a bit online and yours are as good as or better than most."



All ThirdStar sites include...

Quality design:  We take pride in our work, with attention to every aspect of your site from page load times to navigation, presentation, and usability.

Domain name: Even our most basic sites include domain name services, with access to your pages via www.YourChosenName.com.

Email services: Send and receive email @YourChosenName.com, with optional auto-responders, mail forwarding, and web-based email.

Full-service hosting: Including Front-Page access, site statistics, and your own control panel.

Search site submission: No need to pay extra for this service- it's included.

Help from start to finish: A web site can be a complicated project, especially the first time out.  We'll advise you at each step on the way, and help in any way we can to wind up with a web site you'll be proud of.  We offer custom artwork, image manipulation, document scanning and conversion, help with writing copy, optional components for your site, and more.

Optional Update Now! technology: Thirdstar's easy, cost-effective way to keep your contents up to date. Update selected portions of your site from within your web browser.

Prices that make sense: We provide design, construction, hosting, and ongoing maintenance at rates among the lowest in the business- easily affordable by any small business, professional, or even individuals.

Please see our website pricing FAQ...



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