Frequently asked questions about: web site design

What can a web site do for  me?

web site can publicize your business or activities, describe your products or services, generate leads and new business, even collect payments and deliver some types of products.  Automatically, all the time, all around the world.  It may sound hokey, but we like to think of a web site as though it were a robot employee- one that has been equipped to do a job for you. 

It can function as a sales representative, with product or service presentations; a receptionist or customer service representative, with answers to common questions; a spokesman, an agent, or any other role that involves the exchange of information.  A web site can perform one of these roles, or any combination of them, in a virtual one-to-one relationship with each user.

It can be as simple as an online brochure, or as complex as an expert system for solving user problems.  The real question is, what do you want it to do?

I want a good web site.  How can I be sure of getting one?

The most important part of any web site is the content- what it has to say, and what it has to offer to its visitors.  In the final analysis, no web site is better than its contents, and the contents of your site are up to you.  The best way to get a good web site is to start with good contents- materials selected to support the goals of your site.

Will my site look and work like I want it to?

If you have a preconceived idea about how your site should look and work, and you can convey it to us, we'll do our best to work with your request.  Part of our job as designers, though, is to advise you about what works well in achieving the goal of your site.  Excessive graphic content, for example, will make your site function poorly for the vast majority of visitors.  "Splash" pages, animated introductions, and overblown "effects" are generally considered bad ideas.  We'll do them if you want, but will advise against them in most cases.

What's your role as a designer?

We process and adapt your materials for efficient and effective presentation on the web.  For us, presentation involves not only how your site appears on the screen, but how it appears to search engines, how long the pages take to load, how easily a user can find his way around your pages, and how it all fits together into something both visually appealing and comprehensible.

Basically, we do all we can to make your contents look as good as possible, within the constraints of current, widespread technology.  We pay attention to things like bandwidth, screen resolution, platform disparities, established and emerging online conventions, contrast and usability, and many other details that come with long experience in putting webs online.

What's my role as a client?

We work with you to produce the site you want, and offer advice about what may or may not be expected to work well, but all decisions that affect your site are yours.  In particular, you are responsible for providing all the content of your site- words, photographs, illustrations, articles, questionnaires, forms, or whatever else you may want to have available on or from your site.

We need you to tell us who the site is for, and what you hope to accomplish with it.  The more we can understand about your intent, the better the job we can do for you.

What kinds of content can you work with?

We can work with almost any standard digital format, including most word processor files and most graphic file formats.  We're equipped to scan and digitize printed materials, including photographs, documents, and forms, and to convert scanned text via OCR (optical character recognition).  For sites that require it, we can digitize video and sound files in your choice of Windows Media or RealPlayer formats.

We can tweak photographs, manipulate images, rewrite copy, and provide professional custom artwork, but the better the materials you send us, the better your results will be.

Are there any kinds of sites you will not do?

We do not work with pornographic, political, violent, or religious content.  We will not work with sites that promote hatred, illegal activities, or anything that strikes us as unethical.

With so many web site designers, and so many "do it yourself" options, why should I hire you?

We've been observing and studying web sites since the Web began, and have been producing them for hire since 1999.  Our sites routinely receive high praise from visitors and, more importantly, achieve results for their owners.

By focusing on what you need (as opposed to what you don't), we deliver high quality, expensive looking sites for a fraction of what you might expect to pay.  Combined with our full-service hosting packages, domain name deals, and search site submissions, we offer some of the best rates you’re apt to find for work of this quality.

Can I see some examples of your work?

Sure.  Click here for example ThirdStar sites.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a site is determined by its scope, complexity, and your degree of readiness.  We offer a variety of packages, with standard and optional features.  For more information, please review these materials.


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