Maintenance Plus: affordable computer maintenance and backup...

Keep your computers working smoothly and your data backups current with our scheduled on-site maintenance, automated agents, and optional remote access services.

Proven effective for small office, home office, business-oriented computer systems, our Maintenance Plus service includes complete computer care, backups, and more- all for one low monthly fee.    Tell me more...

  Backups and system maintenance often overlooked necessities...

Information stored on your computers is constantly at risk of being lost due to user or software errors and equipment failure. 

Here in northeast Florida, lightning and frequent power failures aggravate the problem.

The only way to protect yourself from the effects of disappearing data or failed systems is with adequate, up to date backups.

Unfortunately, many small offices lack the staff, equipment, time, or expertise to handle system maintenance and data backups properly.

We meet the needs of small offices and professionals, with an affordable combination of computer maintenance and data backup services...


DOS and Windows based computers only.
All service subject to availability.
Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding areas.

Maintenance Plus Computer Services

Our Maintenance Plus service is a simple proposition: we’ll take care of your computers, and help you to avoid losing data.  Reliably, and inexpensively.  One low monthly fee includes:

  • Windows based computers only
  • Physical cleaning, inside and out
  • System diagnostics
  • Software maintenance
  • System optimization
  • Full disaster backups


  • Automated data backups
  • Optional remote services
  • Technical support
  • Upgrade and replacement advice
  • General consultation
  • Low monthly fee

Maintenance Plus: affordable, reliable, tested and proven in small offices like yours.

We provide scheduled on-site maintenance and backups, with optional remote access services between scheduled on-site visits.

As a Maintenance Plus subscriber, you’ll receive priority service, discounts on extra services, and up to two hours a month of phone or remote control technical support. This, plus the peace of mind in knowing that your data is secure.

Maintenance Plus Services are tailored to your specific needs, which vary depending on the number of computers and how they are used in your business. Fees for our existing clients range from $50 to $200 monthly.

Maintenance Plus: available in northeast Florida
Including Jacksonville and surrounding areas: St. Augustine, Fernandina, Orange Park, Middleburg, Jacksonville Beaches, and Baldwin.

For a no-cost assessment, please click here.

Maintenance Plus: Frequently asked questions


Can you tell me more about the basic services?

  • Physical cleaning, inside and out. Left unattended, computers will collect dust on their internal parts, leading to excessive heat and eventual malfunction. Our periodic on-site service includes disassembly and internal cleaning as required.
  • System diagnostics. We test your computers for performance and reliability, with the goal of heading off problems before they develop. By becoming familiar with each of your computers, we’re better prepared to help when things go wrong.
  • Software maintenance. Modern software is very complex, and manufacturers often issue patches to repair “bugs” in their products. We keep an eye on your operating system and major application software, obtain and install patches as required.
  • System optimization. We check for unwanted background programs, system settings, display adjustments, and so on.
  • Backups. The most important part of any computer system is the data it contains, and all computer data is at risk. Our tested and proven backup procedures copy all your data to external storage through a combination of periodic full-system backups and more frequent automated data-only backups, providing you with layers of protection.
  • Optional remote services enable more frequent transfer of backed up data to off-site storage for increased security, plus low-cost tech support for many types of problems.
  • Technical support. If you have a computer problem, give us a call. If we can solve it on the phone or by remote control, there will be no additional charge- up to two hours monthly.
  • Upgrade and replacement advice. Business computers are an expense, not a hobby. There are some things you need, and some you don’t. We’ll help you sort them out and choose among the most cost-effective options for getting the most from your investment.
  • General consultation. We never try to sell you anything, but we’ll answer any questions you may have and, from time to time, suggest things that might improve your computer operations.


What kinds of businesses use this service?

Maintenance Plus is geared toward small offices. Our clients include attorney, architect, bail-bond, and other service industry practitioners. Typical installations involve from one to ten computer systems, with or without a peer-to-peer network.  We currently do not deal with client-server network systems.


Can you provide references?

Absolutely.  We have been with some of our clients since 1995.


How long have you been in business?

Technically, we’re not a business. We provide service as an independent contractor, and have been doing so since 1995.


Do you provide a guarantee?

We serve a very small group of clients, and rely on establishing long-term, ongoing relationships. All our work is guaranteed, and if we can’t fix a problem there’s no charge.


How do I know the backups work?

We use standard, commercially available software and equipment, and our methods have been tested in real-world applications.  We'll be glad to demonstrate extraction of your selected files from a backup set.


Will this service interrupt our normal office routines, or otherwise disrupt our operations?

Insofar as possible, we schedule on-site services to create the least disruption to your normal operations. This includes after-hours or weekend scheduling, as well as your choice of days and times for service during business hours. Aside from this, many of our services may be performed by remote control, any time of day or night.


Our computers have sensitive information. How do you deal with security?

We work with attorney, bail-bond, and health care offices, and so understand concerns about security. Backups may be encrypted so that only you can access the data they contain. Likewise, remote control operations can be restricted via passwords known only to you.


We have a computer-literate staff. Why do we need your service?

Maybe you don’t. No one can tell you what’s the best course of action to meet your needs. However, we’ve discovered that some “office gurus” create more problems than they solve. More to the point, time spent by your employees “working on” your systems is time not spent doing what you hired them for.


Does Maintenance Plus include repairs and upgrades?

The subscription fee does not include repairs and upgrades to your systems, but you will receive discounted rates for non-scheduled service calls. Whenever possible, we schedule upgrades to coincide with periodic on-site visits, saving you still more.


I’m not sure we need a subscription. Can we get these services on an as-needed basis?

Our first obligation is to our subscribers. All other calls are subject to availability.


I don’t want to be tied to a service contract. What do you say to that?

No problem. We prefer to work on a friendly, informal basis, subject to the rules of good faith and common sense. We expect to earn your business, not just once, but continuously. If you’re dissatisfied for any reason, you can terminate the service.

Any hardware or software purchased and installed on your behalf is yours to keep, as are all backup sets created.


Do you work with home computers?

As a rule, we work with computers used for business purposes. We will, however, make exceptions for our business customers.


How much does it cost?

Maintenance Plus subscriptions are tailored to your specific needs, which vary depending on the number of computers and how they are used in your business. Fees for our existing clients range from $50 to $200 monthly.

Some installations may require additional hardware or software, the cost of which is not included in the monthly fee.


How do I get started?

If you haven't yet done so, please review our FAQs

Then, for a no-cost assessment, please use our contact form.



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