Peer-to-peer networks: cost-effective small office network solutions

We install, configure, and repair wired, wireless, or hybrid peer-to-peer networks- including basic orientation for your staff, automated backup of selected data, and many other extras. 

Our clients include small offices, home offices, and professionals.   More...

Peer-to-peer networks: economical, reliable, low-maintenance…

A peer-to-peer network is a cost-effective, low maintenance way to share files, printers, and Internet connections among multiple computers.

Fast, reliable, and inexpensive, a peer-to-peer network requires no administration- making it an ideal choice for small offices with no budget for computer staff. 

Unlike more expensive client-server systems, peer-to-peer networks require no dedicated hardware or specialized software to operate.  Maintenance expense is very low- for some installations, close to zero.    Tell me more...



Windows based computers only.
All service subject to availability.
Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding areas.

Peer-to-Peer Networks
Although business office networks can be complex and expensive, you probably don’t need anything more complicated than a simple peer-to-peer system.

We have installed these types of networks in attorney, architect, and health care offices, enabling file, printer, and Internet sharing among up to eight computer systems. Among the advantages:
  • No special software required

  • No administration costs

  • Efficient and economical

  • High productivity, cost-effectiveness


  • Share files and printers
  • In-house messaging
  • Internet connection sharing
  • Automated backups
  • Fast, reliable operation

With a peer-to-peer network, your entire staff (or just selected members) can access files in a common group of folders, send print jobs to any printer on the system, access the Internet through a single high-speed connection, and communicate with one another via private, in-house instant messaging.

Our peer-to-peer networks include wired or wireless systems, selective access options, instant messaging, automated backup of selected data folders, and staff orientation to the added capabilities.

Peer-to-peer networking services available in northeast Florida
Including Jacksonville and surrounding areas: St. Augustine, Fernandina, Orange Park, Middleburg, Jacksonville Beaches, and Baldwin.

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Peer-to-Peer Networks: Frequently asked questions


Would a simple, low cost system meet my needs?

Unless you require a highly structured, very formal system with extremely high throughput, a peer-to-peer system is likely to be more than adequate. They’re used successfully in small offices of all types, from attorneys and architects to graphic art design.

We install wired Ethernet connections with transfer rates of 100 megabits per second, which is why we prefer them over wireless.  Although much slower, wireless connections are more than adequate for Internet sharing and most normal small or home office activities.


I have Macintosh and Windows systems. Can you connect them all together?

Macintosh and Windows systems can be connected, but we currently do not work with Macintosh computers.


Is a peer-to-peer network reliable?

Extremely. This type of network requires no dedicated system running special software to operate, so it's very stable. Some of our installations have required no network related maintenance in years of daily use.

Wireless installations, though, can be a little finicky. If at all possible, we recommend wired network systems.


What about security?

If you have a highly competitive and potentially hostile work environment, where sabotage and espionage are facts of life, a peer-to-peer network is not your best choice, and we'd prefer not to get involved.

Otherwise, a peer-to-peer network provides adequate security to prevent casual snooping on the part of bored employees, cleaning crews, or office visitors.  If you have a broadband Internet connection, our installation and configuration methods provide a great deal of protection against online hackers.


Can I restrict Internet access to selected users?

Sure.  We can selectively enable or disable access to network resources, including the Internet.


What additional equipment will I need?

Each computer must be equipped with a network interface card. If there are more than two, you’ll also need at least one hub, switch, or router. These things used to be expensive, but now they’re downright cheap.  Wired installations will require sufficient amounts of cable to connect them.

As part of the installation, we’ll get all the parts required to set it up.


Do you use name-brand components?

We use only name-brand components from suppliers such as Linksys, D-Link, Seimens, and other well-known and respected manufacturers.


What about the network cable wiring? 

Each office has its own requirements with regard to routing cables for a wired network installation.  We'll normally route network cables along base-boards, under carpet, and through drop-tile ceilings.  If your specific set of circumstances dictates invisibility, a wireless installation would be the most economical alternative.


What about wireless?

We prefer working with wired installations, but if wireless is your choice (whether by preference or necessity), we can handle that too, including the extra steps required to secure your wireless installation against outside access.


What are the maintenance expenses?

With a wired network, maintenance is practically zero. We have systems that have never needed any network-related maintenance in years of daily use.

Wireless systems, though, can be a little finicky. If at all possible, we recommend wired network installations.


Can you repair or expand an existing network?

Sure.  Peer-to-peer networks installed in small or home offices are reliable, low-maintenance, and require no administration, but like all mechanical/electrical contrivances, sometimes they just stop working.  Because they require no special software, a peer-to-peer network is usually relatively easy to repair or expand.


How much does it cost?

This depends on the number of computers, how far apart they are, how many shares and how much security you want.


How do I get started?

If you've not already done so, please review our FAQ.

Then, for a no-cost assessment, please use our contact form.




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