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We work in a wide range of styles for a wide range of clients, from belly dance troupes to boards of education.  Because we work closely with each client, some sites don't come out exactly as we'd like, but these are, as a whole, pretty good examples of what we do.

Orange Park artist Patrick Mahoney provides expert art and frames restoration.

Online since 1999, this site (redesigned in 2003) has generated art restoration jobs from all around the country.


Gainesville artist Diana Kirkpatrick presents a line of hand-crafted beadwork inspired by Middle-eastern and Native American themes.

This site features high-definition pictures of finely crafted bead-work.


Orange Park artist Patrick Mahoney exhibits his plein-air landscapes.

This site features high-definition pictures of Orange Park artist Patrick Mahoney's plein-air paintings of northeast Florida landscapes.


Elderlink provides geriatric care management services to clients in Jacksonville, Florida.  In addition to information about the company, there are many articles on the subject of elder care.

Fast-loading, easy to navigate information oriented web site, provides prospects and clients with information about the company and its services- effectively, and economically.



  Enlightenment Dance E-Book
We designed this PDF E-Book and the page used to sell it. Accepts payment via PayPal.


Designing an attractive E-Book is similar to designing a web site. This one has 147 pages and dozens of photo's and illustrations.


This dance teacher and performer is based in Winter Haven, Florida and teaches bellydance classes in Orlando and Winter Haven.

After designing the E-Book above, we tackled a complete re-design of the associated web site.


Jacksonville artist Steve Wallis offers prints, original, and custom art work in a wide range of artistic mediums.

This site provides a stark, dramatic setting that keeps all attention on the art.  It accepts payment via PayPal.


Cable systems around the country rely on Atrex to provide quality connections with their subscribers. is based on the company's brochure. Utilizing pre-existing materials is the easiest, quickest, and least costly route toward getting started with your "phase one" site.
Jacksonville attorney L. Jack Gibney works with trademark, copyright, patent, social security, workers' compensation.

Effective doesn't have to mean expensive.  Another of our older sites that generates new business for its owner.


  County Boards of Education
We've created well over a dozen sites for small and midsized school districts in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. Click for a glimpse at some of them.

These sites are provided under contract to a reseller, whose web site we also created.  The terms of that contract prevent our linking to them from this site.



Web-based application helps school districts manage transportation needs for school activities.

Besides helping to design the software this site was created to promote, we created the graphics and wrote most of the copy. 



Web-based application helps school districts manage employment advertising and  application processing.

Following the success of TransporTraxx, we helped  design the software this site was created to promote, too. We created the graphics and wrote most of the copy.

Computer and web site information, with an attitude.

This is our own semi-private joke.  Some people get it, others don't.   Either way, the advertising makes us pocket money. We've not had time to keep it current, though...


Internationally known dance troupe performs, conducts workshops in Europe and United States.

We've never met the owners of this site, who live in Wesbaden, Germany.  Fortunately, they speak English.  We scanned and tweaked the photographs and digitized sound for this site.


Middle Eastern Dance troupe in Jacksonville, Florida- performances, instruction.

We created all the artwork on this site, digitized video performances, and edited the sound loops.  Created in 1998, it still draws a steady stream of compliments.

Mobile paralegal services in Jacksonville, Florida.

Beyond the usual call of web site design, we also wrote all the copy on this site, which delivers a steady stream of prospects to its owners.



  Other sites
Like everything else in this world, web sites come and go. Click for a glimpse at a few of the ones we thought to screenshot.

We've created web sites from existing brochures, finished outlines, and notes scribbled on napkins, with most stops in between. Thousands of pages in all.


Computer services for small offices, home offices, and professionals in northeast Florida, web site design for anyone, anywhere.

Some web site designers hire someone else to do their sites.  We don't know, but that strikes us as odd.  We do all our work ourselves.  Why not see what we can do for you?


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